The libraries are open but offer limited services. Please see the website of your library for more information. You can access materials by making a reservation and waiting for the pick-up notification.



Library Rules

The OUTI libraries are the libraries of Hailuoto, Ii, Kempele, Kuusamo, Liminka, Lumijoki, Muhos, Oulu, Pudasjärvi, Pyhäjoki, Raahe, Siikajoki, Taivalkoski, Tyrnävä, Utajärvi and Vaala. The OUTI libraries have a shared customer and material database and library system.

OUTI-kirjastojen käyttösäännöt (pdf)

Användningsregler i OUTI-biblioteken (pdf)

OUTI Library rules and regulations (pdf)

Library Card

As an OUTI library customer, you can use the services of the library in your home municipality and all other OUTI libraries. You can get an OUTI library card in any OUTI library. If you are under 15 years of age, you must bring a written permission from a parent. A parent or guardian is responsible for the loans of a customer who is under the age of 18 years.

Printable registration form (pdf). You can print the form and fill it in. The forms are also available in the library.

The library card is personal. The card owner is responsible for all the materials borrowed with their card as well as for the use of the customer ID and PIN code.

If you lose your library card, notify the library. A lost card will be blocked, and you can unblock your card by proving your identity. You can also get a new card to replace the lost card. In that case, your old customer ID will be cancelled.

The right to borrow materials with a library card is valid for a period of five years. When the period of validity ends, the contact details of the customer will be checked and the card will be reactivated. Insufficient customer information may also cause loss of library privileges.

If library card is replaced with a new one, e-book loans and reservations don't pass to the new card. Loans and reservations are transferred by the library staff.

If you get a new library card to replace an previous one, the old card can still be seen on your OUTI Web Library Account through the Library Cards tab. You can remove your old card by selecting Disconnect Library Card.

You can also connect other library cards to your account by adding the library card number and PIN code to the Library Cards page on Your Account. After connecting, you can view and renew all the loans as well as place items on hold on all the connected library cards. You can also name the connected cards to make using them easier.

Finna account expires if you haven't logged in to OUTI Web Library or other Finna services for a year. Favourites and saved searches will be deleted when Finna account expires. Loans, reservations and personal info will not be deleted. Finna will send you a notification message before account expires. Finna account can be activated by logging in with your old login information to OUTI Web Library or other Finna service.

Borrowing, Renewals and Returns

In the OUTI Web Library, you can search and reserve material, renew your loans, check your own details and pay library fees through online banking. To log in to the online library, you need a PIN code that you can get in the OUTI libraries.

You can have up to 100 loans and up to 100 reservations at any given time. You can have up to two console game loans at the same time. Loan restrictions of eLibrary materials depend on the service.

General loan period 28 days
Dvds and Blu-rays 14 days
Video games 14 days
Short loans 14 days
Objects (depending on the material) 1–28 days
eLibrary materials (depending on the service) 1-28 days

The library complies with the age limits for films and games and does not lend materials for customers who are too young. For more information about the age limits for games and movies, visit (in Finnish).

You can renew your loans if there are no reservations. A loan can be renewed up to five times in a row. You can renew your loans in the OUTI web library, on-site in the library or by phone.

You are responsible for renewing or repaying your loans on time. If a loan is overdue, the library will send two return requests. You can return the loans free of charge to any OUTI library. The loan period expires on the last return date at the closing time of the library.

You can order an advance notice of an upcoming return date to your email in the OUTI Web Library. The library is not liable for late returns, if the notice is not sent or if the customer does not receive the advance notice.

If there is a return box in the library, you can, at your own risk, leave the materials you are returning in the box, if the library is closed. If you return a loan in the return box after the closing time of the library, your return will be recorded on the next working day.


You can make reservations in person in the library, by phone or in the OUTI Web Library. Making reservations is free of charge. Unfulfilled reservations will expire after 2 years of their creation. If a customer fails to pick up their reservation, they must pay a fine.

There is one single reservation queue for all the OUTI libraries, which means that a customer can get the reserved work from any OUTI library. You can be notified about your reservation being ready to collect by email, by text message or by letter.

Some OUTI libraries have a self-service pick-up for reservations. In your reservation notification you find a reservation code that helps you find the materials on the reservation shelf in the library. You can change the reservation code in the OUTI Web Library in your own information, or in the library customer service. Do not forget to loan the materials you have reserved.

Fines and Fees

Overdue fine 0,15€/day/item
Overdue fine for short loans 0,40€/day/item
Maximum amount of overdue fine / item 5€
First overdue notice 1€
Second overdue notice 2€
Fee for uncollected reservation 1€
Interlibrary loan fee 1€ + fees billed by the sending library
New library card 2€
Borrowing privileges suspended if fines exceed 12€

No overdue fines are collected for children's loans or materials for children and the young. We always charge a fee for sending a return request. You will not be able to borrow or reserve materials or renew your loans if you have unpaid fees to the amount of 12 euros or more. An invoice for unreturned materials will be sent two months after the due return date. If the invoice is not paid or the materials are not returned, the library will transfer the case to a recovery agency.

If materials are lost or damaged, you will have to replace the materials or pay a reimbursement fee. Films, digital games and software cannot be replaced by a new copy.

All accumulated library fees have to be paid at one time.

Changes in Contact Details

Please notify the library of changes of address, phone number or email. You can provide the new information in person in the library, by phone or in the OUTI Web Library. Library employees will update the changes reported in the OUTI Web Library.

Name changes must be notified to the library in person. Bring an ID under your new name.

Guarantor of a Customer Under 18 Years

The library card of a child under 18 years of age can have only one guarantor. A guarantor is the parent or other guardian of the child. The choice should be made based on with whom the child's library matters are handled most effortlessly. Due to data protection, the information on the child's library card can only be accessed and changed by the child themselves and guarantor registered in the library system.

If a parent or a guardian wants to change the guarantor on the library card, this is most easily done by having the original guarantor personally visit the library to announce a future change in guarantor information. After that, the new guarantor can visit the library in person to announce that they are the new guarantor. Updating of the guarantor information can also be done with both the old and the new guarantor present.

A PIN can be added to the child's library card, which makes it easy to manage library matters in the OUTI Web Library. In the web library, you can renew loans, manage reservations and pay fees, and submit a change of address request. You can also connect the child’s library card to your own account. Once connected, the card will appear in the OUTI Web Library, on the Library Cards page. In addition to the child's library card number, its PIN is required to connect the card. Loans, holds and other information on the attached library card can be managed in the web library in the same way as on your own library card.

Interlibrary Loans

If the material is not in collections of the OUTI libraries, you can order it from elsewhere in Finland or from abroad. In addition to the delivery fee of € 1, the sending library will also charge a fee.

When submitting an interlibrary loan request, the customer agrees to pay these fees.

If you want to make an interlibrary loan request, contact your library.

Request for a interlibrary loan to Oulu city library

Request for a interlibrary loan to Raahe city library

Self-Service Libraries

You can visit the self-service libraries also outside the library's regular opening hours. You can get in by registering with your library card and PIN code. Check the self-service library policies on the libraries' websites.

Kuivaniemi self-service library in Ii (in Finnish)

Linnakangas self-service Library in Kempele (in Finnish)

Tietotori self-service Library in Kempele (in Finnish)

Kuusamo self-service library (in Finnish)

Liminka self-service library (in Finnish)

Lumijoki self-service library (in Finnish)

Self-service libraries in Oulu

Pudasjärvi self-service library (in Finnish)

Utajärvi self-service library (in Finnish)

Special Libraries

Special libraries are libraries specialized in certain fields, user groups, areas or publication types.

In Oulu

Byström Library - material about youth field, research and life of youths.

Oulu Film Centre Library - books and magazines about film and cinema.

Oulu Comics Center’s Library - comics and magazines, research, course and education material and international magazines.

Elsewhere in Finland

Russian Library
The Russian Library sends material to anywhere in Finland. Everyone living outside the Finnish capital region can use the free interlibrary loan service of the Russian Library. You can register as a patron of the Russian Library at your local library.


Home service

Some OUTI libraries provide a home service, which means that they deliver library materials for the customer at home. The home service is destined for customers who are not able to visit the library because of old age, illness or diminished abilities.

Before starting the service, the customer will have an interview. Based on the interview, the library employee will select reading materials, music, audiobooks etc. for the customer. The library rules apply also to home service customers.

The service is free of charge. The materials will be delivered at home every four weeks.

For more information, contact your own library.

Celia library services

Celia audio books are destined for persons with print disabilities, for example poor eyesight or dyslexia.

In some libraries, you can register as a user of the Celia web service Celia CD club service. Some OUTI libraries also have Celia CD audiobooks in their collections, and persons with a print disability can borrow them with an OUTI card.

Viittomakielinen kirjasto

The Sign Language Library is a web service maintained by the Finnish Association of the Deaf collecting material in signed languages. The library records the cultural history and the language of the sign language users in Finland. The material is easily accessible for anyone, and using the library does not require registering for the service. Some of the material is translated into Finnish or Swedish.

Acquisition Proposal

If the material you require is not in collections of the OUTI libraries, you can leave a acquisition proposal with Acquisition proposal form.